"Your single source for easily creating and running Challenge Ladders and Tournaments for any sport or game in which people or teams like to compete!"

What Users Like About Our Product:
  • The absolute easiest to use, for both sponsoring organizations and players.
  • Designed specifically to eliminate the administrative burdens and work effort associated with signing players up, collecting fees, operating the site, and managing and overseeing your Challenge Ladders and Tournaments.
  • Designed to easily initiate and schedule competitive matches, enter your results, automatically adjust standings in real-time, and research match histories of all players.
  • Designed to create more opportunities to play the sports and games you love!

Overview of How It Works?
  • Provides many unique features not found anywhere else.
  • You get a private Website for your members to access. This private site can be customized with organizational announcements, news and information and can be linked to from your own organization's website.
  • Your site can be publicly available or completely private and viewable only to registered participants once they log in.
  • Create and run as many Challenge Ladders and Tournaments as you like, for any kind of sport or game.
  • Players and Teams self-manage play through the full-featured, highly-automated, email-based website.
  • There is NO COST to an organization for setting up a site and getting started.
  • Usage is FREE when no money is collected from your players.
  • You have the option of collecting fees for your organization. Any fees you elect to collect from your members are forwarded directly to your organization on a monthly basis.
  • eliminates the administrative burdens of running your Ladders and Tournaments so you can focus on promotion, playing more yourself, and tending to the other important activities of your organization.
  • is highly customizable in order to facilitate varying rules and styles of competitive play preferred by an organization.

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